Dignity & Respect

With HMS your care package will be individually tailored to you.

We will spend time to meet with you to talk through what you want. We will ensure that the care package delivered mirrors YOUR wants and needs.

From the first moment that you contact us, our aim is simple, to make you feel as comfortable and secure as possible. Everyone that we care for is treated as an individual with dignity and respect.

The HMS Quality Pledge

HMS Care recognise that everyone is an individual, with individual

• We will work with you and your family to understand and establish your needs, wishes and preferences and plan your care accordingly

• We will keep you informed at all times and involve you in all the decisions to ensure choice, independence and control

• We will speak with you respectfully and listen to what you have to say

• We will prepare your meals according to your wishes and provide you help with eating and drinking where required

• We will respect your privacy when providing personal care and will support you to maintain your personal standards of hygiene

• We will ensure that you receive your medication on time

• We will enable you to maintain your independence and let you carry out practical activities if you wish to do so

• We will maintain strict confidentiality about your personal information

• We will support you in keeping in touch with your family and friends and undertake social activities

• We will ensure that you are safe in your home and protect you from any kind of physical, financial or emotional abuse

• We will provide you with the opportunity and means to raise your concerns without fear when our service does not meet your expectations

• We will listen and act upon concerns/complaints in a professional manner

Quality Assurance – our ongoing commitment

Our central Quality Function allows for a consistent approach to processes and monitoring, meaning our customers can have support from any of our locations and receive the same high standard of care. This is achieved through:

• Independent internal auditing/compliance checks to ensure that regulatory compliance is being met and values are being reflected. The Quality Team frequently reviews current practices to ensure that the customer is receiving the best possible service available

• Centrally-held surveys allow an independent review of feedback and ensure that action is taken and followed through by different departments

• An Escalation Service; if the customer wants to escalate their concerns about the service or individuals then they will be able to do so, confident that it will be addressed and overseen independently

• A Central Function to analyse and report on trends of data, looking for best practice and lessons learnt that can be shared across the business to ensure that we are always striving to improve the service provided

• The registration of new branches is co-ordinated independently and in a timely manner through to completion, ensuring a safe and regulated service

• The Quality Team act as a central point of contact for outside agencies making data requests, preparing documentation and ensuring that it is sent to the requester within stipulated timescales, ensuring that customers are not delayed in applying for further funding i.e. CHC

• They also act as a central point of contact for local authorities in respect of the monitoring of existing contracts and as an escalation point for complaints/safeguarding/concerns raised with the company, ensuring things are acted up quickly and effectively so that our customers receive a positive customer service experience

• Policies and procedures are updated in line with legal and regulatory requirements, meaning that our customers receive a service that reflect up to date practices